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This Month's Topic: Stress
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Hello from the Coaching Team!   "What does Stress Management even mean?"
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Stress makes you better, if used correctly!   Coach Introduction: Ulrike Probst
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Hello from the Coaching Team
Dear Students,

Many of you are still writing exams and some of you, no doubt, will spend their holiday season with group work, papers and essays that need to be turned in around New Year’s Eve. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, it is the time to be merry and joyous. However, Stress can easily take all the joy out of one’s holidays, which is why it is going to be this newsletter’s topic.

Stress is often unavoidable. However, if approached correctly, its negative effects on one’s body and mind can not only be mitigated, but it can also be used to one’s advantage. This newsletter’s content will help you to turn stress from something that negatively affects your health into fuel that you can use to perform more effectively!

As part of our monthly coach introduction, we present to you Ulrike Probst, a Human Resources Manager who had to handle many stressful situations in her career, including HR management in companies going through bankruptcy.

We wish you the best of luck with your exams, all the love and happiness this season can bring, and may it follow you throughout the coming new year!

Warm regards,
Your Coaching Team
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Video of the Month: "What does Stress Management even mean?"
Sadhguru is an Indian practitioner of yoga. In this short video, he explains his lack of understanding for the term "stress management" and people's need to manage something that they do not need - stress. According to him, stress comes about from our inability to manage our own system and is not caused by external situations or circumstances. And while stress can be managed, as explained in our Article of the Month, some of the things he says are quite eye-opening.   Picture could not be loaded
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Stress makes you better, if used correctly!
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Instead of seeing stress as a medical condition, some experts urge people to focus on the positive effects of it. Many readers might remember that one exam where procrastination prior to it led to stress and sleepless nights. When thinking back, nothing about stress seems to be positive. Being stressed is a terrible feeling and we are glad when it is not there. Sadly, most of us will keep encountering stress. In our achievement-oriented society, it is very hard to avoid. And while we might not be able to avoid it every single time, our approach regarding stress can influence the effect stress has on us.

If approached correctly, stress can be beneficial and can help us surpass ourselves in certain situations. Thus, whenever you feel stressed next time, consider these five tips of Melanie Greenberg, an expert in stress management, to turn stress into strength:

1. Gain motivation! You know the typical signs of stress: increased heart rate, quicker breathing, sweating hands. That is your body trying to mobilize its saved-up energy, and this energy should not be underestimated. It helps you to make better decisions in extreme situations. Consider these signs a temporary internal “upgrade” of your body from economy mode to business mode, which makes your body work faster and more effectively. Make use of this opportunity!

2. See the positive! In order to prevent your body from showing negative stress-related symptoms, it is important to take stress as something positive. Be aware of the fact that it is your life and you are in control of the situation. Understanding that you are still in control, no matter how stressing a situation may be, can help you to take action rather than being paralyzed by shock.
  3. Talk about it! Stress makes social. You did not know about that one, did you? When you are stressed, your body releases oxytocin, a “cuddle hormone” that not only makes you want to share your issues with others, but also makes you happier when you do. The hormone itself strengthens and protects your heart from possible negative effects of stress. Thus, listen to your natural instincts and ask your friends and family for help and support.

4. Take breaks! In stressful times it is very important to distance yourself from the stressor once in a while to retain productiveness. You could go for a jog around the block or take a coffee break with your colleagues. Moments in which you are not directly involved with your stressing issues are the ones that provide your mind with time to come up with creative solutions and consolidate your knowledge. Maybe the solution is simpler and closer than you think!

5. Reflect! Once the stressful situation is gone, do not focus on the negative aspects of it. Learn from it and see the positive. You did it! You are great!

According to Melanie Greenberg, when we are confronted with a challenge, be it a presentation, a job interview or an exam, it causes stress. However, after the challenge is over, we feel better than we did before. We feel motivated, hopeful, confident and proud. If we managed to do this, we can do even more! Each challenge makes us more resilient and bold!

Stress is normal. Next time you have a choice between an easy or a complex task, ask yourself which one will make you grow more as a person. Your body has everything it needs to cope with stress. In the end of the day, it is all about perspective - and that is something you are definitely in control of!
Original article (German only): https://www.experteer.de/magazin/stress-am-arbeitsplatz-macht-leistungsfaehiger/
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Coach Introduction: Ulrike Probst
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Having been in HR for over 15 years, Ulrike Probst had to deal with many critical and difficult situations that required much more people management than expert knowledge. In her career, she had to recruit and dismiss a large number of people, deal with big cultural changes as well as expatriate management, and had to manage HR in companies going through bankruptcy more than once. All this experience has taught her a lot about managing tough situations and handling stress.

Her passion for coaching was developed back in college where she served as a coach. Following her professional career as Head of HR in multiple organizations, she constantly sought input and reflection from professional coaches, which showed her how powerful coaching can be. Thus, she got herself her first professional NLP coaching education in 2010.

Being a very patient and analytical person, Ulrike Probst is very keen on seeing and learning new things. One big challenge in her life was when,
  after graduating with a Master’s degree in Drama and working as a journalist for a few years, she figured out that she was fulfilling her parents’ expectations rather than living her own life and following her passion. Thus, she decided to start her new education and career from scratch.

Starting out as an HR Assistant at EY, she made her way up to a Recruiter at e-fellows.net GmbH & Co. KG. She later acquired an Executive MBA from the Edinburgh Business School and served as Head of HR for ICP e.V., LOXXESS AG, Medentgroup GmbH, and is currently HR Manager at B/E Aerospace Fischer GmbH, a company supplying plane and helicopter seats to manufacturers all over the world, like Airbus, Metro Aviation, Russian Kazan and Korea Aerospace Industries.

In her free time, she enjoys opera performances, preferably in Munich and London, and always keeps an eye out for new technologies that could improve her performance or innovate processes at her job.

Ulrike Probst would be happy to help you overcome your difficulties, find your strengths and master your career. Are you not sure what to do after your studies or do you have troubles figuring out how to get from where you are to your dream job? She can steer you in the right direction, offering coaching sessions in both English and German. Contact us to book an appointment with her!
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