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This Month's Topic: Coaching

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Hello from the Coaching Team!   What is Coaching?
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Coaching for Leaders   Coach Introduction:
Tim Mehlig
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Hello from the Coaching Team
Dear Students,

Coaching is a great way to boost one's career. However, some are a bit confused when it comes to what coaching actually is. In this newsletter, we are going to clear things up!

In our Video of the Month, Ajit Nawalkha explains what coaching actually is - and what it is not. In our Article of the Month, we are going to look at some studies regarding the effects of coaching on leaders.

And as always, there's a new, great coach waiting for you: Tim Mehlig, an HR Business Partner for Supply Chain Management. Got a dream job in mind? He'll guide you there!

Interested in taking a look at all our coaches? Visit the coaching area on myEBS, register, select a coach and book an appointment, or contact us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Warm regards,
Your Coaching Team
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Video of the Month: What is Coaching?
To avoid confusion, Ajit Nawalkha decided to tackle this topic to clarify it for once and for all! Watch this video to become crystal clear on what is and what is not coaching, and to understand how it differs from consulting and therapy.   Picture could not be loaded
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Coaching for Leaders
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When a respected writer takes note of research results of an established academic, what they have to say is worth reading, as is the case with an article in Forbes written by Carley Sime, a coach, corporate consultant and therapist. The following is a synopsis of what Sime had to say when discussing the benefits of coaching for leaders.

Sime cites the Institute of Coaching when revealing that of those individuals who received coaching, 70% benefited in terms of work performance, relationships and communicating more effectively. More surprising was the revelation that 86% of companies reported not only recouping their investment in coaching but benefitted financially well beyond the sum invested.

Focus was also on goal attainment, facilitated through coaching, with a side-effect of a reduction in procrastination. Sime draws on results from research carried out by Sally Bonneywell, which was published in the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring. The research focused on results of both one-on-one coaching and group coaching, but we are going to concentrate on one-on-one coaching results, which have been sub-divided into two sections.

1. One-On-One Coaching Facilitates Change in Self-Perception


Most leaders in the research reported experiencing improvements in levels of self-awareness, their ability to understand themselves, and understanding how they have an impact on other people.


A growth in self-development, knowledge of themselves, self-confidence and awareness of self-leadership were all reported. Coaching had helped many leaders to identify unrealistic expectations and to also develop skills to lead themselves with more compassion and self-acceptance.

2. One-On-One Coaching Facilitates Change in Relationships with Others

Leadership Style

Coaching enabled leaders to better
  evaluate their leadership behaviors through developing awareness in their leadership style through greater self-reflection and increased thoughtfulness in relation to how they approach goals and tasks.

Relationship to Line Managers

Coaching enabled leaders to identify areas of discontent with line managers and how to address problems, resulting in positive change. The obverse also applied where leaders were able to better identify positive elements of their relationships with line managers. In particular, the quality of the relationship with a line manager appeared to impact the “micro-climate” of female leaders and influenced their perceived career outcomes.

Attitude to Conflict

Exploring their relationship to conflict was of greatest interest to women. While some leaders had no problem with conflict, others openly admitted to avoiding it and acknowledged this was an area where they wanted to learn more. Coaching enabled them to explore negative beliefs around conflict, to challenge them, and ultimately to change them.

Relationship with Power

Curiously, the research revealed that many female leaders had strong negative sentiments towards power and rejected its concept, but it also showed that with coaching, a better understanding of power proved how it could be used in a positive light. Ultimately, with successful coaching, views and attitudes towards power can change, allowing it to become a positive and constructive force with strong ties to confidence and strength. Put simply, leaders have a choice in how power is used.

Personal Life

The work-life balance is a perennial problem, as is that of a leader’s responsibility to their work and their family. Effective coaching enabled leaders to create links between work and life outside of it in a holistic manner, enabling leaders to gain a better insight into creating an effective balance between work and life.

This little overview illustrates why leaders and companies choose to invest large sums of money into coaching. Luckily for you, coaching is included in your tuition fees. If you're still wondering how you could manage to assume a leadership position after your studies rather than a trainee one, coaching is definitely your answer!
Original article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/carleysime/2019/03/28/how-does-coaching-actually-help-leaders/
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Coach Introduction: Tim Mehlig
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Tim Mehlig is currently an HR Business Partner for Supply Chain Management for one of the largest companies in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. After his commercial training and activities in the personnel department at ZDF (the second channel of German TV broadcasting), he sharpened his skills during his Business Education studies with a focus on international management.

In his role as HR Business Partner, Tim has been active in the production environment as well as in the headquarters of this global player for more than 5 years now. During this time, he accompanied several restructuring projects as well as the introduction and implementation of global projects. Tim sees his core competencies in the areas of corporate health management, the support, further development and consulting of executives and employees as well as in change project consulting.
  Topics such as leadership development and, thus, the further development of leadership culture, empowerment, commitment, recognition etc. are what motivate Tim. These are the topics that often make a difference.

Activities such as the conception and implementation of team workshops with different intentions, such as team building or the derivation of goals and visions, are the topics that make personnel work so desirable for Tim. The feeling that employees and managers can open up about their problems and, thus, strengthen their trust in the company is great. This promotes a positive corporate culture and significantly increases employee satisfaction. These are also the cornerstones of a good coach-coachee relationship.

Tim can not only help you to make the right steps to achieve your goals, but also bring in lots of HR experience to help you convince your future employer that you're the right person for the job.

Tim Mehlig is offering coaching sessions in German and English. Contact us to book an appointment with him!
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