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This Month's Topic: Continuous Learning

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Hello from the Coaching Team!   The Importance of Continuous Learning
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The Skillset of the Future   Coach Introduction:
Dr. Anikó Kovács-Bertrand
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Hello from the Coaching Team
Dear Students,

In our dynamic business world, Continuous Learning is gaining more and more importance. What was merely a plus 20 years ago, is now becoming a must.

In our Video of the Month, you will learn what you can do on a daily basis to always be ready for the next step on the career ladder. In our Article of the Month, we are going to explain the most important changes that make continuous learning a requirement.

We would also like to put a spotlight on Dr. Anikó Kovács-Bertrand, a great coach who would be happy to help you discover your strengths and find the perfect path to your ideal career.

Executives all over the world are paying thousands of Dollars for professional coaching. As an EBS student, you have it included in your program. Make use of it to get the most out of yourself! Visit the coaching area on myEBS, register, select a coach and book an appointment, or contact us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Warm regards,
Your Coaching Team
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Video of the Month: The Importance of Continuous Learning
You need to seize every opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve your skills, and build on your expertise. That’s how you will be able to perform at higher and higher levels and achieve such extraordinary results in your life. The good news is, anyone can become a lifetime learner. All you need is curiosity and the desire to improve yourself. In this video, Jack Canfield shares 6 simple tips on how to develop a lifelong learning mindset that will help you achieve your highest potential and create a life you love.   Picture could not be loaded
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The Skillset of the Future
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In the last 20 to 30 years, the world has changed tremendously. When people in their 20s look at people in their 60s that climbed their corporate ladders successfully, chances are that these paths will not be applicable to them. In our modern, dynamic business world, people’s skills have to be T-shaped rather than I-shaped. Globalization and digitization have mixed up industries and heavily increased the speed at which we innovate. No matter what you specialize in or what you study - if you are looking for career success, it will not be enough. You will have to continue learning as you climb the corporate ladder. Certificates in areas such as Security, Project Management, Digital Transformation, Programming, Law or Coaching are becoming a must rather than a plus to be able to assume senior positions in larger companies.

This development also changes the way universities understand their purpose. While 30 years ago, their purpose was to shape young minds and otherwise
  fully focus on academia, they now have to become a lot more practice-oriented and aim for the T-shape. Great universities have to make sure they can accompany their students beyond their first academic degree, which is why the EBS University has launched a new faculty, the EBS Executive School, which offers 40 certificate programs in various areas.

While having T-shaped skills at the beginning of your career matters the most, later on, you will have to become “comb-shaped”. The higher the position you’re aiming for, the more different areas you will require advanced expertise in. Chances are, five years from now, when it comes to large companies, it will be unthinkable for an account manager in investment banking not to be able to code or for an HR manager not to have any advanced coaching education.

The next-generation CEOs will not only have to be familiar with their own industries, but all the industries ever-so-slightly connected to them. They will have to be great strategists, leaders, understand marketing, sales, and the legal side of everything, be able to maximize their employees’ efficiency through coaching, manage change while at the same time being able to innovate and understand new technology trends, such as artificial intelligence, in detail.

While degrees from reputable universities and certificate programs will have a positive impact on your careers, it is not the piece of paper you bring with you that you are hired for. It’s your skills, determination and mindset that you bring to the table.
Source (German): Kircher, S. (2019). Praxis = Zukunft. Wiesbadener Kurier, p. 19.
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Coach Introduction: Dr. Anikó Kovács-Bertrand
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Kovacs-Bertrand is an independent project manager and career coach. She works in a variety of different areas with many clients, including JP Morgan Foundation and Frankfurt Economic Development. At the same time, she is teaching Project Management at the University of Mittweida.

She grew up in Budapest, Hungary, where she studied to become a History and French teacher. However, she did not stay a teacher for long. Further studies led her to France, and later to Germany, where she did her doctorate.

She spent around 20 years as a specialist and leader for learning, education and project management. While gaining experience in various industries such as chemistry, machinery,
  consulting, economic associations and the educational sector, she has been continuously updating her knowledge. She is certified in Educational Management from the University of Oldenburg, and as Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

As a lecturer and consultant, she focuses on settings where personal interests are to connect with economic conditions. She is an expert in finding strengths and competencies of her coachees, especially when it comes to graduates transitioning to their first job in the private sector. Due to her long experience in business, she can enable them to make adequate career choices based on their personal motivations or support them to find successful carrier paths.

In her free time, Kovacs-Bertrand is active in local politics, has a hand for flowers, and enjoys doing sports.

She speaks fluent Hungarian and German, very good English and French, and a bit of Russian. Contact us to book an appointment with her!
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